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Publishished: Febuary 25th 2011

Which Privacy Software Will Completly Erase All Your internet History, Instant Messaging Chat Logs, Video Activity and Recently Opened Documents the Best?

By, Joe Harmin

 Joe Harmin

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Did you know with privacy software you can completly clear all you internet acivity with with the click of a button? In fact, with good privacy software you can clear all your internet history, internet search history, recently opened files, instant messanger records, and all your video history from media players... Some of this software works so well, it can make it look like you were never on that computer at all.. And.. All it takes is the one click of the mouse.

Seems to good to be true? Well, that's what we thought. So we had our editors spend the last 2 weeks testing differnet types of privacy software to find out which one works best. Here's how what we did it...

Our Testing Method:

To test out the different programs, we wanted to simulate what a real user would have on their computer. To do this we used a 3 computers with different operating systems (windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac OS). We put known search history on each PC for all 4 major internet browsers, video history (only 3 video players here, chat records - with five different instant messenger programs. We also had plenty of different types of recently opened files and videos - as well as worked on files, such as excel and word documents. This way our test systems would look similar to what your system might look like before cleaning it, plus a little more just to make sure.

Our Results:

Our results were quite disappointing. Many of the programs we tested were not able to remove the stuff that claimed they could. Some programs were do bad they only went as far as to remove the basic search history from only a few of the browsers we used. Not good. If you do decide to get privacy software, make sure you do not use anything without a good reputation.

However, all was not lost. We did find some software that was able to remove everything we had on our test system. These programs were able to remove all of our search history - from all 4 major internet browsers, chat records from all 5 top instant messengers, video history from the Windows and Mac files and the video player's history and they also effectively removed all our recently viewed files as well. Thus making it nearly impossible for anyone to know what we were doing on that computer. And, the top program did all of this in less than a minute. If you want to be completely sure nobody knows about your on and offline activity, these are the programs to use

Overall Usage Rating
Scan Function/ Deleting Ability
Ease of Use
ParetoLogic Privacy Controls
Pareto Logic box
Out of all the services we tested ParetoLogic Performed the best. This program was able to find and delete everything we could throw at it. If you want the ultiment in privacy protection ParetoLogic is the program to use.
The scan function is extremely fast and very accurate.

The deleting ability is the best we've seen. The system cleans up very fast and is thorough with every aspect.

ParetoLogic is a simple click-to install software. Once installed all the functions of this program are clearly marked and easy to use.
This program works with all current versions of Windows, all major IM programs and the top most common internet browsers.

Top Choice

Rating: 5/5

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Privacy Control
Privacy Control is Extremely secure and stable. Quite well in identifying and assessing the unnecessary files and programs that are to be deleted as soon as possible.
Privacy Control fares well in this section. The scan function is accurate and thorough. The deleted files are properly disposed of, and there is a system of shredding sensitive files
Quite Easy to use, not much complication to begin with. The buttons and tabs are simple and obvious, making it a choice for people who are not completely at ease with the PC
It is adaptable to various other systems besides multiple versions of Windows. It also successfully clean up plug-ins, messengers, and browsers.

Rating: 4.5/5

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Win Clear
Win Clear
Winclear is Fairly secure. It lacks the versatility, but it is solidly built software with sleek designing, and the scanning/deleting process is pretty decent.
Winclear successfully scans the hard drive very fast. The deleting procedure is also quite good. However, it is unable to scan any ad-on or plug-ins. 
Winclear is easy to use, but sometimes finding the right button becomes a difficulty. It also has a tendency to take up more RAM than it generally should.
Winclear does not fit in with software such as Skype and IE 7 and is unable to scan fragmented system registry

Rating: 3.5/5

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Evidence Eliminator
Evidence Eliminator
Evidence Eliminator has the general features of a software that work quite well in an older operating system like Windows XP .
Evidence Eliminator's Scanning is fairly fast and the deleting ability is easy.
Evidence Eliminator is quite easy to use. The buttons are quite easily set up. However, it does not have the first time safety check system.
Evidence Eliminator is not very adaptable. It does have pro

Rating: 3.5/5

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Privacy Software Reviews: How to erase internet history, windows history, search history, URL history, video history, chat history, temporary internet files and more with the automatic history eraser software. Partologic, Winclear, Privacy Controls, and Evidence Eliminator

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